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1st Step Clients - Personal Journeys.

It’s easy for me to say that if you work with 1st Step for you rehab fitness you’ll see great results. But if you are coming across us for the first time, how do you actually know I will be able to help you? How do you know that low impact and chair-based exercises will work for you?

What you really need is evidence. So today I’m going to let my client’s successes do the talking (all names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.)

Let’s start our journey……

Story 1: Helen

The beginning of the 1st Step journey: Helen had been suffering with knee pain for some time. She had never been a huge fan of exercise, although she was previously a keen walker, and didn’t really know the best way to exercise. Helen came to 1st Step just two weeks after having a second knee replacement and without any real level of fitness. She was keen to get fit and get back to her usual day-to-day activities.

Where we are now: Two years on Helen is just back from holiday and on her return simply said, ‘Kam, I could keep up with my family! Some of them are young children and I didn’t have to be left behind on anything!”

Story 2: Joanne

The beginning of the 1st Step journey: Joanne’s knees hurt when she walked up a hill and she was embarrassed to admit that she would stop outside a shop window and pretend she was looking inside, when she in fact she was trying to catch her breath.

Where we are now: Within two months Joanne was able to tackle that hill with ease! The pain was gone and so was the shortness of breath!

Story 3: Priya

The beginning of the 1st Step journey: Balance and falls had become a big issue for Priya. She could not manage floor exercises and so started with everything either seated or standing.

Where we are now: 18 months later Priya’s balance has improved so much that falls are no longer an issue. She can get onto the floor and manage every exercise that is given to her. ‘Kam, this low impact class has helped me so much in getting to this stage!’

Story 4: Caroline

The beginning of the 1st Step journey: Before coming to 1st Step Caroline had recently been diagnosed with EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.) Hypermobility and fatigue were the main debilitating symptoms, but Caroline was still working full time and wanted to get stronger and manage her condition better.

Where we are now: 18 months later, Caroline has got into a regular exercise regime to suit her, and her chiropractor has never seen her joints so stable in his 15-year care for her. Her words were ‘Kam, I can come to you and you adapt the exercises to my needs and to what I am feeling that day. Some days it is chair based and some days it is standing or even on the floor! My condition is so variable and you accommodate me every time. Plus, I can now brush my hair for longer than 20 seconds without my shoulders hurting!’

Story 5: Linda

The beginning of the 1st Step journey: Linda has a condition called Functional Neurological Condition (FND) as well as some learning disabilities. She felt no-one understood her with her condition as it was not visible to the eye like a broken bone. She was exercising to a level that was not suited to her condition with very large weights.

Where we are now: 10 months on Linda is using the correct weights to suit her condition. She feels so supported by the 1st Step community because they understand her condition and the exercises are all adapted to suit her needs. She is more confident and her anxiety has reduced 10 fold!

These are some small snippets of just a few of the 1st Step clients’ journeys. What has been a consistent factor for all of them is that they have grown and developed with the 1st Step community in a very supportive, encouraging and non- judgmental environment. They have all suffered with levels of anxiety and depression alongside their conditions and they have managed to learn how to work with this and overcome it through exercise.

What is wonderful is that all of these clients are still with us. It is not just about reaching your goal but maintaining it too. Many more are joining our community all the time, looking to improve their life through exercise. 1st Step has made exercise accessible to these clients and can make it accessible to you too, and these stories are testament to this.

If you would like to know more about how 1 Step makes exercise accessible to all, do get in touch. I am happy to have a chat with you and see how I can help. To find out more contact us on or call 07846 597460.

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