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Why would you choose an ONLINE class?

I wrote a blog about this a year ago when life was just getting back to 'normal' from COVID. We are going out into the world so much more now by travelling again, attending concerts and generally speaking having no restrictions as to where you can and can't go or who you can or can't meet.

Online LOW IMPACT classes served a purpose during the COVID lockdowns. A year since it has opened online classes are STILL serving a purpose! In fact, it has allowed my clients that FREEDOM to exercise from where they want and how they want.

This year alone, my clients have joined me from Spain, USA and Ireland. Some have joined me while on holiday on their camper van (and it can be done)! Most days it is turning up either in your fitness gear or pajamas while stirring your dinner in the kitchen.

Clients who find online LOW IMPACT classes suit them, are the working people. The people who have health issues such as hypermobility, fibryomygia, neuropathy to name a few (all what I would class as hidden illnesses).

Having had a hard day at work, to then leave the house again to attend a class is just not viable. Imagine the energy levels you save by taking out the travelling or even the cost. Using that energy to help you exercise in a way that COUNTS and only needing to log in a minute before the class.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of my clients, the dedication, the effort in each class and the amazing friendships that have formed. When you have people in the same boat as you and understand what you are going through, the effects of that can be quite powerful! They reap the rewards of their hard work by enjoying the life they want rather than letting their condition define them.

The onlineLOW IMPACT classes are there to help you either get moving again or keep you moving. We are moving all part of the body seated or standing with a little it of balance- something we call deportment! Want to know what that is all about or more about the classes?

Please get in touch at or for more information.

I look forward to chatting with you.

Kam xx

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