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Exercising with fatigue

We often associate exercise with boot camps and gyms. However, if you are suffering with a health condition that seems like the worst scenario you could possibly find yourself in.

Even though there are staff to help in gyms they are often not trained or have no experience of the medical condition and therefore have limited empathy as to what their client is going through.

The one symptom that we come across often is fatigue and lack of energy levels. This can be associated with many health conditions such as fibryomygia, EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome), ME and recovering from cancer. The conditions are endless. So how do we manage these symptoms with exercise?

• The first point that needs to be considered is to listen to your body. Start slow and build gradually. Even if it is a few minutes at a time, take small steps.

• Don’t overdo the exercise. There is a common misconception that the harder and longer I work the better it will be. In fact, overdoing it when suffering with fatigue has far more knock on effects into your daily life than for someone without the symptoms.

• Allow plenty of breaks during your session to allow your body to recover between each exercise. Recovery is important so you can carry out the exercise to your full potential once your muscles have rested, thus exercising more effectively. This is another issue we come across as clients just want to get through the exercise quickly and not listen to what their body is saying.

• Your daily activities should always come first such as washing and dressing. Imagine you have only one glass of energy to use all day. You don’t want to use the whole glass on one activity such as exercise and have nothing left for the rest of your day. If you have any energy left, then exercise.

• Don’t give up. As with anyone, the more you train your body, the more it will adjust and you can get a new baseline on your exercise level. A positive mindset and patience is needed here - you will get there.

To find out more about 1st Step Rehab Fitness and Support, have a look at My Story.

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