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How to keep your New Year fitness resolution.

The New Year can be the perfect time to set goals. It can give an opportunity to change a habit or learn something new and for many of us it will be related to health, finance, or work.

Every year so many people set their goals in a bid to improve their health and start out with loads of positive energy and enthusiasm. However only small number tend to continue trying to achieve their goal as the year progresses which begs the question, “What motivates people to continue?”

The answer can be very different depending on who you ask. In terms of sticking to an exercise routine, it helps immensely to start with a group where there is support. This will ensure you are more likely to stick to your goal and attend the classes regularly, even if they can only be online at the moment.

Here are some factors to considers when setting yourself goals that will give you a greater chance of success.

  • Start with a goal that is relevant: for example, give it a number. For example, "I want to walk for 10 minutes without stopping." Often the goals we set are unrealistic, which makes them much more unlikely to be sustained in the long run.

  • Be consistent, even if means starting really small. It is far more beneficial to start somewhere as opposed to not doing anything at all

  • Keep a record of your success; it will help you to keep going, especially when motivation may be low

  • Be patient and persevere. Achieving anything in life, particularly getting in a good shape requires time, and you need to allow for this

  • Surround yourself with people who share this common goal. This will be a great opportunity to share your good days as well as down days and is where groups like the 1st Step Coffee and Chat come into their own.

Good luck and wishing you all great success with your New Year resolutions.

1st Step Rehab Fitness Support is here to help you achieve your New Year fitness goals. If you would like to know more contact us on or call 07846 597460. We are always happy to help!

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