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I have recovered from my surgery. Can I still keep coming to the class?

I want to tell you the story of Bella (not her real name), who recently asked me whether she could continue coming to my classes even though she has now recovered from the surgery she had over a year ago.

Bella had seen my posts on Facebook for some time even before her surgery and knew that my LOW IMPACT class would be something she would need following her planned surgery. It was a major operation and fortunately all went well. In fact, her recovery was one of the best you could ask for. However, Bella still had not managed to get back to doing everything she could manage prior to the onset of the back pain that eventually led to surgery. Her consultant recommended exercise, but with certain restrictions.

Even before our initial ‘discovery’ phone call we’d been exchanging messages in order that I could put Bella’s mind at rest about several issues that were concerning her. She had, after all, just had major surgery and was clearly worried about causing herself more damage through exercising incorrectly.

She was questioning whether it was the right thing to do for her. She knew she needed to exercise but knew she didn’t want to go to the gym. That was a really big step she definitely didn't feel ready for. All these fears were brewing in her mind and all I could do was answer her questions as truthfully as I could. I knew the class would help her, but Bella had to arrive at this conclusion for herself. It is always scary starting exercise when you have had surgery. Bella is not the only one who has thought this way, in fact it is quite natural.

After a few weeks of messages backwards and forwards, Bella agreed to a telephone consultation. We spoke for as long as she needed to feel reassured that the low impact class was right for her. It also gave me the opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of her surgery and the follow up.

I believe Bella knew this was the class for her, but that anxiety had been holding her back till now. Of course, this was completely understandable. I was, therefore, delighted when Bella agreed to try a block of classes to see how she got on.

Bella has a full-time job that is quite stressful and so, even though she is local, she decided to join my online classes. The fact that she could take the class in her own home took away the extra burden of having to leave the house again in the evening after a busy day at work. Other clients prefer the face-to-face option – it is a personal thing and very much depends on what the client wants from the class and what suits them as an individual.

Bella told me on many occasions how she always looks forward to the classes after a hard day at work and how it has become her ‘me-time’. She had become part of the 1st Step community through and through and was one of my clients that would champion my services.

We have worked together from about 12 weeks after her surgery right up until now - well over a year post surgery. I would say she is now 100% recovered from her surgery and is back to being able to do everything she was doing before her back issues began. She is now travelling again and enjoying long day trips. Absolutely loving her life!

That is when the question was asked. ‘I feel I am ready to go into a gym but I don’t want to. I feel safe with you. Please can I stay with 1st Step?’

What do you think my answer was? Of course, it was a big YES! As much as I really enjoying teaching her and having her in my community, the real reason for saying yes was maintenance. Maintenance is progression as far as I am concerned. She is in a job that is very stressful and keeping her fitness level going and preventing any further problems is just as good a reason to stay involved as when she came onboard in the first place.

Bella is still with the 1st step community to this day and is still living her life to the full. Why am I telling you this? Because I know that Bella’s story is not unique. Starting to exercise again when you have a heath issue or injury, taking that first step back into exercise is hard. This is where I believe 1st Step can really help. We'll get you get moving again in a safe way, when you are ready and at your own pace.

If you would like to know more then please do get in touch. I will be happy to have a chat. For more information go to or call Kamal on 07846 597460

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