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Keep Moving, Keep Healthy!

It's that time of year when the evenings are starting to draw in, and the cold and flu bugs start circulating but when you keep exercising you will feel healthier with more energy.! Even when it's dark and cold you can fit exercise into a busy schedule, and the 1st Step membership programme is perfect for that. Scroll down to see our current offer, and commit to keeping healthy.

Earlier this month. I continued my learning by completing a course in Pulmonary Rehabilitation in the community which covered all lung conditions, including asthma, and COPD. I am still working on case studies and assessments, and this will help me further support my clients. This really ties in with the typical seasonal illnesses as well as Covid and its long-term effects.

Get Moving Membership

We're hearing so much in the news about the increase in the cost of living, but I really don't want you to compromise on your health and exercise. I understand when times get tough you have to really look at where your costs are and how to reduce them. Your health does NOT need to be one of them. I am so PROUD of the 'Get Moving' video-based membership programme. It has helped so many working women BUILD and KEEP their fitness up with this very COST EFFECTIVE way of knowing you can still look after yourself safely.

With varying degrees of intensity you can find a workout to suit you. From a floor workout, to seated and then standing. All at a time when you can manage it.

Get an idea of what you can get involved with in this short video below

Here is what clients have to said so far:

"I feel less stiff and more flexible" "Just what I needed to get away from the stresses of the day" "They're brilliant at getting me moving - I'm a copywriter so spend a lot of time at my desk

NEW SPECIAL PRICE TO HELP YOU get moving! Reduced from £29.99 to £19.99 per month!! Click here to get Life time access while you are on the programme.

I also offer a FREE 15 minute consultation to help you start your journey. Book your call now.

What Does the Membership Include:

  • Monthly exercise programs with individual exercise VIDEOS (seated, standing and lying down) so you can see how the exercises are done CLEARLY and at your OWN PACE.

  • Once a week Facebook Lives on topics such as mindset, goals, nutrition, Q&A sessions.

  • Private Facebook group for you to ask questions and celebrate your wins.

  • Full Support and Accountability with a team with NHS experience.

On a serious note, we might be out of lockdown, but I’m coming across a lot of people affected by COVID at the moment. While I don’t see them when they’re testing positive, I do see them when they come back to us. I have seen firsthand that COVID knocks more out of you than people expect. Getting back into fitness after COVID takes time and guidance. With ten years experience of rehabilitation in the NHS, we are perfectly placed to offer you that guidance.

Our Get Moving membership works when it comes to fully recover from long COVID. These classes help people who need to build up they’re exercising even while still feeling lethargic. We can guide you through these symptoms, helping you to keep moving safely, whether that’s with seated or standing movements.

Stay Safe and if want to know more get in touch with me on

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