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Keeping Activity Levels Up & Costs Down

We haven't yet got the worry of the cost of having the heating on with the unexpectedly warm weather around us, but with the cost of energy and so many other things rising around us we are definitely championing value for money when we can find it.

We have been working on our membership programmes for a long time now, and they are ever evolving. We know that money saving and cost cutting is going on all around us, but we don't think that you can afford NOT to exercise. This is why we are continuing to bring you a way to safely exercise that doesn't break the bank. Scroll down to see our current offer.

The clocks go back this weekend, and we know that colder weather will soon be with us. Don't let the cold keep you inside and inactive. Keeping active is good for you and there is something for EVERY budget. Here are some ideas to keep you active:

  • Walk instead of driving where possible - not only will this get your blood flowing keeping you warm, it saves money on petrol.

  • Exercise classes - there are loads to choose whether it's at your local gym or leisure centre or with us in our low impact classes!

  • Exercise with friends - the social side is an added draw, not to mention adding accountability.

  • Try something different that may interest you like Nordic walking. Keep exercise interesting and you are more likely to stick with it.

However you're exercising, please make sure that it is a suitable level for you and exercise safely.

Get Moving Membership

I understand when times get tough you have to really look at where your costs are and how to reduce them. Your health does NOT need to be one of them. Even if you do have to tighten your belt with the increase in the cost of living, you really don't have to compromise on your health and exercise.

I am so PROUD of the 'Get Moving' video based membership programme. It has helped so many working women BUILD and KEEP their fitness up with this very COST EFFECTIVE way of knowing you can still look after yourself safely.

With varying degrees of intensity, you can find a workout to suit you. From a floor workout, to seated and then standing. All at a time when you can manage it.

NEW SPECIAL PRICE TO HELP YOU get moving! Reduced from £29.99 to £19.99 per month!! Click here to get Life time access while you are on the programme.

I also offer a FREE 15 minute consultation to help you start your journey. Book your call now.

What Does the Membership Include:

Monthly exercise programs with individual exercise VIDEOS (seated, standing and lying down) so you can see how the exercises are done CLEARLY and at your OWN PACE.

Once a week Facebook Lives on topics such as mindset, goals, nutrition, Q&A sessions.

Private Facebook group for you to ask questions and celebrate your wins.

Full Support and Accountability with a team with NHS experience.

Stay healthy and keep moving!

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