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Personal journeys with 1st Step Rehab Fitness and Support

Every journey in life is made up of a number of steps - some have just a few while others have very many. But what we know about the journeys that our clients go on as they look to regain fitness or recover from injury, is that by having support every step of the way they are able to take many more steps than would otherwise be possible.

We have been speaking to some of our lovely clients and they tell us a bit about the journey they have been on with us.

Ness's journey

How did your journey begin Ness?

My mum was keen to join an exercise class so I said I would join with her for some moral support. I had recently been taken off my medication as it has caused gout and so my joints were very painful. I was hoping that exercise would help me.

What made you choose 1st Step Rehab Fitness and Support and how have you progressed?

I came across some of Kam's posts on the Houghton Conquest Facebook page. There were lots of positive comments about the class and I liked the idea of the gentle exercise to help me get moving again.

The progress I have made has been amazing - more than I ever thought would be possible. Kam is very understanding of everyone's individual needs. I can now get down on the floor for some of the exercises and lift heavier weights - both things I would never have dreamt would be possible before I started.

What is the most positive change that exercising has had on your daily life?

I love the fact that I can now take my dog on much longer walks than I could do before and I don't feel the pain that I used to. The fact that we are getting out for longer is good for both of us! I also feel much better in myself generally and have a far more positive outlook which is great. And this has even given me the motivation to loose some weight as well.

So would you recommend 1st Step?

Absolutely! The great thing about Kam is that she treats everyone as an individual and she works really hard throughout the class to make sure that we are all comfortable with each exercise, adapting it for our own needs if necessary. I would definitely recommend you come and join us.

Sue's journey

What made you decide to start exercising?

If I'm honest, it was guilt! I had injured my foot and then my knees and I hadn't had the opportunity to even walk for a while, let alone try exercising. I really believed that if I didn't do something to get me moving I never would move much again.

What was it about 1st Step that appealed to you?

Suffering with injuries I was worried about hurting myself further, so Kam's no risk approach really appealed. I certainly didn't want to join a gym where they maybe wouldn't understand my condition and I might end up worsening my injuries by being pushed too hard. I also liked the idea of encouraging a new business (as it was when I started).

An added bonus in the time of Covid is the online Coffee and Chat session that Kam organises for people who attend her classes. We have a chance to talk to one another there rather than disrupting the classes by chatting. It’s nice to meet others that Kam’s helping and we’ve become part of a virtual club where we support one another.

How has your journey progressed?

It's going to be a long journey I think. Sadly I have suffered with successive knee injuries so I haven't progressed as much as I hoped I would. But despite these additional injuries I am as mobile as I ever was and I haven't regressed which is positive in itself. Added to that, I no longer feel guilty about not exercising!

Margaret is just setting out on her journey...

"I first met my group and Kamal about 5 weeks ago now. My first zoom call with her was amazing - she made me feel so relaxed, and listened and understood the pain and anxiety I was going through due to my chronic pain.

I joined one of the classes that Kamal offers and I’ve never looked back. Each week I feel I’m getting stronger and stronger, and today after just my 4th class I managed to hang out my own washing. To some that may be just another daily chore but to me this was massive, so I can’t thank Kamal enough and certainly would recommend Kamal and 1st step to anyone"

Making exercise accessible to everyone.

We are here to support you take the 1st Step on your own personal journey and every step thereafter. If you would like to know more contact us on or 07846 597460. We are always happy to help!

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