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Standing for the first time in eight months!

I wanted to write this as I feel I have so much to share about the amazing

clients 1st Step works with. The need to highlight just how much true

rehabilitation is happening and refer back to my original motto, ‘Making

exercise accessible to everyone’.

This motto still very much applies today as it did six years ago when I first

started my business.

So, what does this, ‘Standing for the first time’, mean?

Let me explain one client’s journey (her name has been changed to keep


Clare came to 1st Step after spending the best part of eight months sat in her

chair and relying on carers coming four times a day for all her daily needs.

Clare is unable to move independently because her knees need to be replaced

(She is on the waiting list). From previously being independent to relying on

other people 100% must have been a very hard change to accept. Past

experience had left her quite anxious about exercise, even though she knew it

would help her.

We have now been working together for nearly three months, and I am super

proud to say we have built Clare’s fitness up to such an extent that she has

managed to stand upright (with an aid) twice. Both of us screamed with joy

and Clare burst into tears when she did this. The anxiety of standing was

something she overcame - absolutely brilliant! The hard work she had put in

enabled her legs to be strong enough to stand, and she managed this without

her very strong pain killers. In fact, the stronger she gets, the fewer painkillers

she needs to take. You have to remember her knees still need replacing. It is

astounding the changes Clare has made to her quality of life, just by exercising.

Carers are still needed for now, but we are well on the way in her journey to

make her as strong as can be when that surgery date arrives. The ultimate goal

is not to have carers anymore, and to be fully independent again. I believe she

will get there. I will keep you all posted on when that goal has been reached.

In the meantime, if this resonates with you and you know real exercise rehab is

what you need then please get in touch with me on and

let’s take our 1st Step together. Quite literally.

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