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Who else can help you from 1st Step???

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

I have been running my business now for over 5 years. I have helped so many people through exercise and will continue to help so many more.

However, I have not done it alone. In the same timeframe I have been networking and spreading the word about 1st Step, I have come across people I will call my referral partners.

What is a referral partner?

This is simply a few people who complement what I do, or I complement their services. There is synergy between our businesses and we refer to each other. I have used all of their services personally and I have found that I tend to refer to the people I trust.

So when you have someone who is pain and needs to be looked at to try and solve that pain, particularly in the back, shoulder, knees and so only. This is where I will always mention Aimee Newton and Rhodri Griffiths. They are highly qualified osteopaths from The Popular Osteopathy Clinic. They have looked after everyone, including myself, I have sent their way exceptionally well.

Sometimes, it is not pain that is the problem, but needing regular massage's to loosen up tight muscles. My clients have various health issues and sometimes having your muscles relax can help their movement better during exercise. It has not been easy to find the right people that have been clinically trained and experienced. I will use and recommend two massage therapist.

Both are very experienced and are specialists in their fields.

Another person I have know for many years now, from my NHS days is Dr Nikki Ramskill. We worked together in MK A&E and she is now a GP. Dr Nikki has been sending many people my way and currently she is in the process of launching her own Private Women's Health Clinic. How amazing is that! If you want to keep tabs on how this pans out sign up to her newsletter. She is also doing a talk on the 25th October 2023 about all things menopause for only £10. The link is on her website

I am always looking for more connections, so if you have used a service and like for us to be introduced please get in touch

Kam xx

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